Proof of Destiny

Author: Rakesh Singhal


Current Status

Lifescape Astrology has enough power now, to replace Western astrology or Vedic Astrology. However, we are going slow on disclosure , as we do not want to put the theory in public domain. We are afraid of adverse social consequences by doing so .

However , you will believe only after you have made some charts of your own. Learning Lifescape Astrology Theory takes few minutes, and you can make your charts by Online Chart Programme. Learning Lifescape Astrology does not require any prior knowldege of astrology.

Getting few cases of people suffering from health problems should not be difficult. Make their charts now, and see whether Uranus or Hygeia is making adverse angle with Sedna or Interamnia or they are being aspected by an afflicted planet. That is all and you will beat any astrologer on this topic.

Our Challenge

Can you show us, One Killer on the Earth, who does not have Killer's signature in his chart, as explained on this website.Appropriate reward will be considered, with prior approval.

Gemstones Advice


We prescribe gemstones Gemstones Advice for helping individuals to cope with current problems.Advice is free as of now, but we do expect a contribution , after you get benefitted from our advice. You may in that case, remit the money to our bank account.

As a thumb rule, wear the Gemstones corresponding to Planets, afflicted by Interamnia or Sedna.

We are not selling gemstones, which you may buy from any jeweller.

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